Thank you for your interest in a personalized commission! While creating my own original paintings, I do routinely accept commissions as my schedule permits. I have painted portraits in acrylic and watercolor for a variety of occasions, such as engagement and graduation. Other commissions have included house paintings and pet portraits.

My price range depends on the size, medium, and approximate timeframe of the commission, but generally speaking, a baseline price would begin at $75 (ie. a small 5”x7” watercolor card), with medium sizes ranging between $150 and $500 (ie. 8”x10” and above) and larger pieces (ie. 2’x2’ acrylic painting or above) ranging between $500-$1,000. 

If you are interested in submitting a commission request, please read the policy at the bottom of this page carefully and contact me via the Contact page on this website or directly via my email address ( I will try to respond as promptly as I can (within 1-3 days of your initial inquiry). Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee a commission will be accepted. Thank you again for your inquiry!

Commission Examples

Commission Policy

The Artist accepts watercolor and acrylic commissions on a rolling basis as time, workload, and interest allows. The Artist’s primary interests/specialties include portraits and landscapes, but she may accept other subject matters depending on the factors listed above. The Artist has the right to decline any commission request, without needing to explain the reason (although she will probably do so out of courtesy). 

The Client must contact the Artist via email or website( with the commission request, including necessary details: subject matter, high-quality, in-focus reference photo(s), desired materials and dimensions. The Artist will respond within 1-3 days (or less) of the initial request, but this does not guarantee an offer will be accepted. If the Artist is interested, she will provide the Client with a formal quote based on the client’s specifications, factoring in time, material cost, rate, etc. If changes need to be made to the original specifications after receiving the quote, the Client must inform the Artist of the necessary changes (ie. smaller size), and the Artist will send an updated quote.

The Client must allow the Artist a period of at least one month for small commissions (less than 9”x12”) and at least 2 months for large commissions (larger than 9”x12”). The deadline will be established by the Client and agreed upon by the Artist at the signing of the contract.

If the Client and Artist have agreed on the price, specifications, deadline and pickup arrangements for the commissioned work, the Artist will draw up a formal contract with the necessary details and send it to the client via email. The Client will inform the Artist if any further changes are needed. When both parties are in agreement, the Artist and Client will sign the form by typing their signature and the date. The Artist will not begin the commission until the contract has been signed by both parties and the first payment has been received, even if prior discussion has occurred between the Artist and Client. 

Once a contract is signed, the Client must pay the Artist an initial, nonrefundable deposit consisting of 50% of the final price upfront. The Client may pay via PayPal, cash, or check. If the Client cannot meet with the Artist in person to drop off the payment, he/she must send it to the Artist’s home address and inform the Artist of the day he/she sent it. The Client will pay the Artist the second deposit (the latter 50% of the final price) upon receipt of the commission.

During the commission project timeline, the Client may request up to 2 thumbnail sketches of the proposed artwork if desired. However, if the commission is to be strictly based on the Client’s photo references and the project scope is already clearly defined in the contract, sketches may not be necessary. 

If the Client chooses not to purchase the art piece at the end of the commission, the Artist will keep the piece and the nonrefundable first deposit. The Client will have no claims or interests on the Artist. The Artist, in turn, will owe the Client nothing further.

The Artist reserves the common-law copyright to all works commissioned by the Client that are created by the Artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright.